Here’s The FASTEST Way to Mow Your Lawn

Mowing the lawn is something that a lot of property owners in New Zealand need to do on at least a semi-regular basis. This task can be key to making your home look presentable – but you might also understandably find it a laborious, time-intensive chore. It is frankly no wonder, then, that so many kiwis are desperate to figure out how to cut grass faster.

Let us, then, set out exactly how to mow the lawn fast.

Begin With Mowing Around Your Garden Features

There is a debate to be had about which is the quickest (and for that matter, outright best) way to mow a lawn. Some people insist it’s fastest to mow in rows, for example. Meanwhile, others are adamant that a concentric circle pattern is preferable, not least because it allows the lawnmower user to simply keep on turning their machine in the same direction until the work is done.

However, any features dotted across your lawn – such as flowerbeds, ornamental trees, and/or statues – could hinder your ability to simply mow in a uniform pattern. So, if this describes your garden, consider mowing around those first, before proceeding with your favoured pattern.

Choose The Mowing Pattern That Works Best for Your Lawn

It might seem anticlimactic to say, but despite the arguments we cited above, there isn’t really a single mowing pattern that will be fastest for every lawn owner. So much depends on the shape of the lawn, as well as the size and number of those aforementioned tricky obstacles.

Presuming, though, that most of us have rectangular lawns, mowing in a stripe pattern is likely to be most efficient. But to be as fast as possible, you should make sure you keep your lines straight, minimising the wiggles and swerves that will add to your mowing time.

Be skilful with the turns, too. Tight turns – more or less resembling a pivot – tend to be the most efficient, as opposed to more gradual loops.

Leave Lawn Mowing to The Skilled Experts!

The reputation of lawn mowing as a relatively basic and mundane task, understandably means a lot of people don’t give much thought to the idea of getting someone else to cut their grass.

However, you don’t have to depend on arranging for “just anyone” to mow your lawn, when you have the option of engaging our professionals at Lifestyle Lawns Ltd.

If you’re getting bored or tired of wasting time mowing your own lawn, call Lifestyle Lawns Ltd, on 0272 852 968. We know how to cut grass faster, while still producing an impressive result for you and your Auckland property.