How Often Should You Mow Your Lawn In Winter?

When the long, dark winters roll in, your lawn can often wind up looking an absolute mess. Perhaps, quite rightly, the weather feels too unpredictable to bring the lawnmower out of the shed to give the garden the once over, but you don’t need to fear.

In fact, it’s recommended that you continue mowing the lawn in winter unless the weather is particularly intrepid. It’s suggested that the lawn should be cut every three or four weeks, keeping a shortcut. Unkempt grass can have a damaging impact on the surrounding ecosystem, so keep an eye on the weather and act accordingly.

But what if it’s raining constantly?

Generally speaking, mowing the lawn is fine after a light shower, though of course caution should be taken when it comes to those heavier showers. It may not always be possible to get the mower out in certain conditions.

After heavy rainfall, mowing is best avoided. The mower could be damaged by the mud, and furthermore it could lead to an uneven cut. A good rule of thumb is to ensure the ground is stable when you walk on it – if it’s not, then leave the mower in the shed for now.

What about frost?

Generally, grass doesn’t grow as much in the winter, which means less mowing is required in any case. However, over a longer period of time, you still want to maintain the grass and ensure it doesn’t grow out of hand.

When conditions are frosty, you can hose the frost down, which will leave your lawn looking less brown once winter has done its thing. Apply the same rules as after a light shower when mowing the lawn – again, ensure the ground is stable before getting the mower out.

If lawn maintenance in the winter is too much for you to handle around your busy schedule, then give the experts a call. As far as South Auckland lawn mowing services go, Lifestyle Lawns offers the very best. Head to our website for more info on the best in winter lawn care.